• Education Management Software

    Please provide me with the following information: 1. The name of the supplier of your Education Management Information Software System (Local authority use, not the schools system please) Capita 2. The annual support and maintenance cost for this system i.e. … Continue reading

  • Voice recognition software

    Q1: Has the Council got this working? I appreciate you aren’t yet live with the software, but do you have voice recognition working with Eclipse in test? Native voice recognition functionality on standard council Windows phones and laptops works in … Continue reading

  • Head of ICT

    “I am looking for information for the officer who is part of the ‘Senior Management Team’ (i.e. reporting directly to the Chief Executive) and is also responsible for IT (But not the IT director) please supply their; a) Full name … Continue reading

  • ICT service suppliers

    Under the Freedom of Information Act I respectfully request that you provide me with a list of suppliers providing outsourced ICT Services to your organisation at the current time. Please present the information back by email (to this address) detailing … Continue reading

  • 5G installation and organisation

    1. Do you have a 5G strategy? 1.1 If yes, I request to see the complete strategy, its ambitions and its objectives in PPTX, Word, and PDF or picture format. 1.2 If yes, has the public had the opportunity to … Continue reading

  • Office 365 and Sharepoint

    1. Does your organisation currently use Office 365? Yes. 2. Does your organisation currently use SharePoint Online? Yes. 3. Does your organisation currently use SharePoint on premise? No 4. Are you currently using any of the following Office 365 / … Continue reading

  • It structure, budget and spend

    Can you advise who are the Key People to talk to in the organisation ref ICT Role  Name  Email address  Telephone number  Postal address  Purchasing Manager Justin Bennetts first name.last name@devon.gov.uk 01392 383000 – ask for the person by name … Continue reading

  • 5G Strategy

    Please can you let me know; 1. Do you have a 5G strategy? No 2. Can you send me a copy of the complete strategy, its ambitions and its objectives. 3. Has the public had the opportunity to read and … Continue reading

  • Web accessibility compliance

    What actions have been taken, at what cost by whom in the last 12 months to ensure the authority doesn’t become a litigation target as it currently is one of the bottom 25% across UK Local authorities for web accessibility … Continue reading