• IT products

    Answering for A-F on questions 1-8. a) Photocopiers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Device) b) Printers c) Print room / reprographic d) Desktops e) Laptops f) Displays Q1. Please name all the IT resellers that you have contacts with and buy from.   Various … Continue reading

  • Video conferencing spend

    The amount spent by your council on video-conferencing apps such as Zoom since March 2020. The amount spent on any other costs incurred by holding meetings virtually since March 2020. The amount spent on hosting council meetings (including staff costs, … Continue reading

  • Data sources and recording

    1. Which of the following data sources is the local authority responsible for protecting? o Personal citizen data – Yes o Personal staff / civil servant data – Yes o Research data – Yes o Intellectual property – Yes o … Continue reading

  • Secure communication

    1. What is your current email provider (e.g. Outlook or G-suite)? Outlook 2. Do you have a solution for secure email in place (Y/N)? Yes 3. Is your current provider Egress Software ( if no, who is your current provider)? … Continue reading

  • Electronic devices issued to employees

    * The number of laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers (iPads etc) issued to employees within your organisation Laptops – 4,977 Tablets – 107 Mobile Phone handsets – 3,430 * The cost of the laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers … Continue reading

  • Citizen data

    Please provide details of any citizen data which is held or managed by the Council but is stored on Google servers. Please include any services which use Google as their hosting partner Devon County Council does not hold this information. … Continue reading

  • Microsoft Office 365 licensing

    1. Is the council currently using the “FromSA” product SKU in its Microsoft Office 365 software licensing agreement? Yes. 2. Did the council “relinquish” the ownership of its prior perpetual licences in order to obtain discounts from Microsoft? No, Devon … Continue reading

  • Cyber security managment and breaches

    What SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) solution is used by your organisation? When does your SEIM platform license subscription/contract come up for renewal? If the SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) solution was purchased via third party please disclose … Continue reading

  • Windows 10 users and security

    Who is responsible for your Windows 10 environment? Name/Role and contact details if available.   Rob Parkhouse, Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support, rob.parkhouse@devon.gov.uk How many end users do you have across the organisation? Devon County Council: 4,858 Schools: … Continue reading