• Telecom companies and Wi-Fi connectivity systems

    Can DCC confirm whether or not it has entered into concessionary agreements or contracts with Telecommunication Companies to allow such companies to operate Wi-Fi connectivity systems to operate from DCC owned street furniture, lampposts or manhole covers within the Devon … Continue reading

  • Technology Enabled Care

    We would like to make a few enquiries about how Community equipment is commissioned in addition to Technology Enabled Care (Telehealth and Telecare). This will help us to drive forward the TEC Industry and ensure service users receive the best … Continue reading

  • Telephone maintenance contract

    The contract information sent by the organisation previously has now expired please can you provide me with a new update of the telephone maintenance contract: Provide contract information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, … Continue reading

  • IT use and contracts

    1. How many desktop users do you have in your organisation that have a PC/laptop? Total computers in use are 4671 of which: • 214 Desktops • 3390 Laptops • 1067 Tablets 2. What Microsoft products and versions do you … Continue reading

  • ICT hardware contract and spend 2020

    Please may I know the information on the following (all hardware): • £m Projected Spend on ICT 2020 • £m Projected Spend on Print 2020 in response to both questions, we can confirm that for the financial year 2019/20 DCC … Continue reading