• Broadband – council buildings

    How many council buildings have access to superfast broadband? Please specify an amount? By reference to Ofcom’s definition of 30Mbps+ download the answer is zero. However, we can confirm that Devon County Council use leased lines for speeds over 30Mbps. … Continue reading

  • IT cloud services

    Q1. Does your organisation used a ‘cloud’ provider for the three IT services, either wholly or in part, listed directly below? An example of a cloud provider would be Microsoft and Office 365 which provides email, One Drive and SharePoint-online … Continue reading

  • Mobile working

    1. What is the number of Full Time Equivalent staff employed by the Council? This information is available online at https://www.devon.gov.uk/factsandfigures/open-data/the-council-staffing-and-pay/hr-dashboard/ 2. How many mobile devices (e.g. smart phones / tablets) are owned/managed by the Council? Approximately 3,300 3. Who is … Continue reading

  • Broadband contracts for schools

    Who provides the broadband service to schools in your local authority? Schools receive Broadband services from a range of providers, we do not hold a central list. Many receive provision from the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL).  Please contact … Continue reading

  • Software types and suppliers

    1.What is the name of your current Finance (accounting) software (name of vendor or supplier?) FINEST · What is the current version of the Finance software? V5.01.22 · Is the Finance software hosted on-premise by the authority, off premise by … Continue reading

  • Algorithms and machine learned systems

    Is your organisation using any algorithms and/or artificial intelligence software in the process of delivering public services? 2. If Yes, please provide details: (i) Of the algorithms or artificial intelligence software you use; Devon County Council holds an external contract … Continue reading

  • Software systems

    1. The software systems used for the following service areas: (If you are going through procurement and have confirmation that you are changing your system(s), please provide the name of the software system you are moving to, rather than the … Continue reading

  • Education Management Software

    Please provide me with the following information: 1. The name of the supplier of your Education Management Information Software System (Local authority use, not the schools system please) Capita 2. The annual support and maintenance cost for this system i.e. … Continue reading