Website hosting contracts

I submit a request to the organisation around their hosting contract(s) with 3rd party providers. The type of contract I wish to see is below:  Dedicated hosting- Managed environment Co-Location- hosting allows a business to still own their own server … Continue reading

Top 5 applications

What are the top 5 applications in use for your council? This has to be based on the number of users and must exclude Email system which everybody uses and EXCLUDE desktop applications like Excel and word. We have written … Continue reading

Number of helpdesk requests

Provide the number of helpdesk requests made by Devon staff to during the month of February 2021 5

Cloud Strategy

1. Do you have a cloud strategy? (Please provide a link to the strategy) A) Yes B) No (A) Yes. Devon County Council publicly publishes its Digital and Technology Strategy. However, the current Digital & Technology Service Strategy 2021 – … Continue reading

IT training and development

I am looking for some specific information on costs associated to training and development within your authority’s IT department. Please would you be able to provide the following information for FY 2018/19 and 2019/20 as separate figures? Is your IT … Continue reading

Online forms – use and contracts

Do you use online forms for residents to complete using a web browser? Yes Approximately how many online forms do you have? Approximately 100, depending on the definition of a ‘form’ What 3rd party or in-house software do you use … Continue reading