• Non Disclosure Agreements

    “I would like to request the following information between 2014 to present please: – The number of current and former employees who have been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) None – If applicable, details of financial incentives attached … Continue reading

  • Devon Schools with Asbestos

    1. How many local authority primary schools in your region have asbestos on the school premises? This can include any historical instances of asbestos which are currently managed.  2. How many local authority secondary schools in your region have asbestos … Continue reading

  • Stab Proof Clothing

    “Please provide the name, position and contact details of the person responsible for issuing safety wear to staff (including Body Worn Armour and stab/slash proof clothing).  It maybe there is more than one department who issue this protection to front … Continue reading

  • Employees – gender, ethnicity, hourly pay and bonuses

    The total number of employees within the council as of December 2018 https://www.devon.gov.uk/factsandfigures/open-data/the-council-staffing-and-pay/hr-dashboard/ – The number of male full time employees in the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands per year in 2018 – The number … Continue reading

  • Health and Safety Structure and Software

    “Who is the responsible for Healthy and Safety within the council and what is their job title? Jan Shadbolt, County Solicitor and Chief Officer for Legal, Communications and Human Resources Does the council have a dedicated Health and Safety Manager … Continue reading

  • Employee sickness

    1. How many days were lost to sickness in 2017/2018? 32,487.78 2. Please can you provide the average days lost per employee and the amount lost as percentage of available hours / time? 9.3 days per employee which equates to  … Continue reading

  • Staff employment numbers

    This is a Freedom of Information Request. The questions are in the attached spreadsheet and also in the attached Word Document. We have completed your document and this can be found via the link below: Employment numbers We should clarify … Continue reading