• Employee sickness

    1. How many days were lost to sickness in 2017/2018? 32,487.78 2. Please can you provide the average days lost per employee and the amount lost as percentage of available hours / time? 9.3 days per employee which equates to  … Continue reading

  • Staff employment numbers

    This is a Freedom of Information Request. The questions are in the attached spreadsheet and also in the attached Word Document. We have completed your document and this can be found via the link below: Employment numbers We should clarify … Continue reading

  • Software types and suppliers

    1.What is the name of your current Finance (accounting) software (name of vendor or supplier?) FINEST · What is the current version of the Finance software? V5.01.22 · Is the Finance software hosted on-premise by the authority, off premise by … Continue reading

  • Barristers, solicitors and legal executives 2007-2018

    The number of people employed by your authority as:  Barristers Solicitors Qualified legal executives  And could this broken-down head count (barristers/solicitors/legal executives) be provided for 2018 and each of the previous nine years back to 2007/2008?  The following table show … Continue reading

  • EU settlement scheme

    – Are you intending to cover the cost of the EU settlement scheme fee for your employees affected by Brexit? The UK government announced on the 21st January 2019 that EU citizens will no longer have to pay a settlement … Continue reading

  • Salaries over £80,000

    Please could you provide me with the number of part-time and full-time workers on salaries over £80,000 at the council, including third party workers whose salaries are paid for with taxpayers’ money via the council. Devon County Council senior management … Continue reading

  • Time and attendance system software

    How many of your staff work “Flexi-time” or similar?   All members of staff can work flexitime in line with Devon County Council’s Policy on Flexible Working. The total number of staff is available on the HR dashboard How many … Continue reading