• LGBT fostering and adoption applications

    The answers below are for the last 3 completed financial years, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18.  The figures are for each application which could have been made either by a single person or by a couple. “How many couples/individuals applied to … Continue reading

  • Foster Care numbers and costings

     “Please provide:- 1. Details of the lowest, highest and average weekly fee rates agreed with external suppliers of Independent Foster Care Services for the current year (2018/2019). Fees paid to Independent Fostering Agencies are determined by those providers. We do … Continue reading

  • Special guardianship allowance

    I would be grateful if you could furnish me with the following information on the special guardianship allowance 1/ Do you means test if the carer/ guardian are in receipt of income support or income based job seekers allowance. These … Continue reading

  • Fostering placements for looked after children

    Who, within the Local Authority, has commissioning responsibility for fostering placements for Looked After Children? Please provide the following: a. Name – Fiona Fleming b. Job title – Commissioning Manager – Children and families c. Direct phone number – 01392 … Continue reading

  • Agency foster carers

    This request concerns the amount spent by your local authority on agency foster carers. 1) Please state the amount your local authority spent on agency foster carers in each of the following financial years i) 2012/13 –    £8,023.000 ii) 2013/14 … Continue reading