Occupational Health and Wellbeing

We would be interested to receive details of Devon County Council spend on Occupational Health and Wellbeing between 2015 and 2019 and then 2020. In 2015, Devon County Council had an in-house Occupational health team and costs were incurred throughout … Continue reading

Adult Care Funding

Please can you tell me the reduction in funding that your department for Adult Care has suffered as a result of under-funding by the Government in the last 10 years. If there are no direct comparisons between funding in 2010/11 … Continue reading

Breakdown of Agency Spend per School

Please can you provide a breakdown of agency school spend per school (Primary, Secondary and SEN) for 2019 2020 Please can this information include School name, Agency School Spend and Supply Teacher spend (E02 and E26) and if possible agency … Continue reading

Cancelled Capital Projects

A list of any capital projects that were due to start within your Local Authority area after May 2010 but that were cancelled either by central government or as a result of central government funding cuts, to include: a) what … Continue reading

Emergency mortuaries planning

I am seeking information about emergency mortuaries in relation to the Covid crisis which I believe comes under the remit of emergency planning. I am looking for minutes of meetings when this would have been discussed, budgets and locations. Devon … Continue reading

Care home payments

Provide details of all spending by your local authority to the following care home companies since 2011. * Barchester Healthcare * Four Seasons Health Care * HC One * Advinia Health Care * Excelcare * Akari Care * Orchard Care … Continue reading

Grant programmes

1. I would like to uncover more information relating to the following grant programmes: Disabled Facilities Grant Test & Trace Support Payment Community Led Local Development (CCLD) Affordable Homes Local Growth Fund Preventing Homeless 2. For each grant programme, could … Continue reading

Spending over £500

I notice that you haven’t published any spending data since October 2020. I’d like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for all transactions over £500 from November 2020 to at most a month in arrears … Continue reading