Financial management systems and software

1. What Financial Management/ERP System does the council use? FINEST (Software AG UK Ltd) 2. Who is ultimately responsible for the system (name and title)? Head of Financial Management and Processes 3. How many users access the system across the … Continue reading

High Needs and Special Provision Funding

1. In 2021, the Department for Education announced that it would provide local authorities with a High Needs Provision Capital Allocation (HNPCA) for the 2021-22 financial year. The HNPCA is to be paid to local authorities in a single instalment … Continue reading

Self-employed tax threshold

What is the threshold that your tax compliance team use to determine whether someone is self employed, based on the answers given to the following questions? I am clear that this decision is at the discretion of your tax compliance … Continue reading

LOBO loan portfolio

We would like to ask for an update on your current and historic LOBO loan portfolio. Please provide: A. A spreadsheet in .xls format, with one line for each loan and the related information under each of the following column … Continue reading

Foster care allowances and claims 2021-2022

Please could you tell me your 2021-22 weekly foster care allowances for all age bands, NOT including any fee/reward element for foster carers. The standard fostering allowance is £213.01 per week with an element of expectation that the carer attends … Continue reading