• Foreign Travel Costs

    “From 1 August 2017 to the day this request is processed (1 August 2018), I would like to know the number of overseas trips councillors, members of the management team (including the chief executive), and council officers have taken in … Continue reading

  • Pension Fund investments

    I am currently seeking updated quarterly performance data from your plan’s alternative asset holdings for the following date(s): Q4 2018. 1. Names and vintage years of all private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, real estate/REIT, debt and infrastructure partnerships in … Continue reading

  • Software types and suppliers

    1.What is the name of your current Finance (accounting) software (name of vendor or supplier?) FINEST · What is the current version of the Finance software? V5.01.22 · Is the Finance software hosted on-premise by the authority, off premise by … Continue reading

  • Devon Pension Fund Real Estate Assets

    1) Please provide the full details of what real estate assets the Devon Pension Fund currently invests in, including the name and amounts of each type of real estate asset or investment being held. This information should be broken down … Continue reading

  • Disabled children expenditure plans

    I am writing to request information under the FOIA about the council’s plans for expenditure on social care services for disabled children and their families from 2019-2020. Could you please let me know for each of (1) overall social care … Continue reading

  • School budgets and financial outturns

    1. For each financial year from 2013/14 to 2017/18, please provide a spreadsheet – my strong preference is for an Excel file or CSV – showing the following: a) a list of all council-run schools (i.e. not academies, free schools, … Continue reading