• Heritage Champions

    Would you be able to provide the following information? * Are you aware of Historic England’s Heritage Champion Initiative? Yes * Does your local authority currently have an appointed Heritage Champion and if so, when were they appointed? No, Devon … Continue reading

  • Energy consumption

    I would like to obtain information regarding Devon’s annual energy consumption. I am not sure what data you have available and am unsure what exactly you can provide me. However, if possible I would be very grateful if you could … Continue reading

  • ZEBCat Scheme

    Under the Freedom of information act 2000 please can you send me an up to date list of all contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that have been working on the construction of ‘ZEBCat’; Scheme comprises This procurement is part of the … Continue reading

  • Spending for Devon Climate Emergency Project

    Request: “Please can you provide figures for all spending relating to the ‘Devon Climate Emergency‘ project? This will include for example the costs of Facebook or other advertising, website and associated costs, remuneration costs of people working on this and … Continue reading

  • A380 Kingskerswell Bypass – Environmental Statement

    “I please require copies of the Environmental Statement and any other information available that provides information on Hydrogeological Risk Assessment, Geology and Soils as part of the planning application for the construction of the A380 Kingskerswell Bypass.” Section 10 (Geology … Continue reading

  • Flood Scheme Investigations and Improvements

    “The Devon County Council (DCC) online Environment Viewer identifies 24 locations for future investigations in relation to future flood schemes. The below link provides the specific webpage referred to with the features marked as a red circle with a black … Continue reading

  • Biomass Boiler Installations

    “For each biomass boiler installation in buildings owned or managed by your local authority, including, where relevant, schools which come under the local authority’s aegis, I would be grateful for the following information:- * Council * Biomass Asset * Building … Continue reading