Ecological experts in FTE employment

“In-house ecological expertise” is defined as those who are employed by the council on a part-time or full-time basis and who have Chartered Ecological status (CEcol).  How many chartered ecologists the council has employed over the last three years between … Continue reading

Kerswell Gardens

Please provide the following information relating to Kerswell Gardens: Q1: A copy of the original waste planning permission to Armabridge Ltd plus conditions therein and any updates relating to the said planning permission No planning permission has been granted by … Continue reading

Leachate Lagoon Waste

I would like information regarding the leachate lagoon: 1. The number of lorries hauling waste each year The response to this question can be found on this spreadsheet. 2. The volume of waste The response to this question can be … Continue reading

Contaminated Land – Environmental Review

1. Has the site been identified for inspection or further review under the Council’s Contaminated Land Strategy (or other Part IIA undertaking)? If so, please describe the priority status/risk ranking of the site and the likely timescale for any further … Continue reading

Population data of Greater Horseshoe Bats

Please supply the official population data of Greater Horseshoe Bats for each year between 2016 and 2021 for: a/ Devon, South Hams SAC, Bulkamore SAC, Berry Head SAC, Higher Marks Barn SAC, Buckfastleigh SAC b/ South Hams c/ Other horseshoe … Continue reading

Road verge maintenance and ecology

1.How many times per year do you mow your rural road verges, and when? Details of our grass cutting frequency are available on the Devon County Council website. 2. How many times per year do you mow your urban road … Continue reading

LED Street Lighting

I would like information for Plymouth and Exeter regarding: We are unable to supply information relating to Plymouth. You will need to approach Plymouth Council for that information. These figures therefore, are for Exeter only. 1. How many LED streetlights … Continue reading

Nitrates and Phosphates Natura 09/04/2021

I am writing to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000/Environmental Information Regulations about how the local authority has been impacted by Natural England and Natural Resources Wales updated legal advice on nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in … Continue reading