• Number of trees felled

    1. The total number of trees felled by Devon County Council for the years 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (up to the most recent month of available data) * For each year of data, please state and break down: * … Continue reading

  • Rope and tree swings on land

    1. Do you have a policy for the inspection of woodland for which you are the land owner or have responsibility for? Yes 2. If your answer to the above is yes, what is the frequency of your inspections? This … Continue reading

  • Electric vehicle charging

    We would like to email/send some information to the person within the council who’s responsible or involved with the councils Electrical Vehicle Charging programme or projects. This was recently published on the Supplying the South West website as a procurement … Continue reading

  • Public Electric Vehicle Charging Points

    “I would like to request information relating to public electric vehicle (EV) charging points provided by your authority on behalf of DevicePilot Ltd.  This will make up part of a larger report which will be aimed at lobbying the government … Continue reading

  • Flood events caused by mine spoil heaps

    Please provide information on flood events have been attributed to the presence of mine spoil heaps. I am interested in the spoil heaps of both abandoned mines and (formerly) active mines. The type of information I’d like to receive includes: … Continue reading

  • Energy and Printing

    Please provide figures for the following: 1, The Council’s total energy bill, including the cost of street lighting, for each of the financial years – 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, include all items – gas and electricity, heating and lighting.  2016/17: … Continue reading

  • Peat usage

    1.a) Does your local authority use peat in its horticultural practices? E.g. planting. As an upper tier authority, we have only limited involvement in horticultural practices as we are not directly involved in management of urban parks or most public … Continue reading