• Environmental geographic data

    Would it be possible for you to send me any GIS data you hold on the following: Please see our responses linked to in the third column. This includes links to publicly available information published by third parties. Where we … Continue reading

  • Glyphosate based weed killers

    1. Does the council or its contractors currently use glyphosate-based weedkillers? Yes – Some of the council’s contracts involve the use of glyphosate for weed control. 2. Does the council have any internal guidance on where and how glyphosate-based weedkillers … Continue reading

  • Council Employed Chartered Ecologists

    “Would you please be able to tell me how many ecological experts are employed by the council? Please can you define this in-house expertise in terms of full-time and part-time chartered ecologists. As a second part of this request can … Continue reading

  • Severe Weather Effects

    “Please provide the number of working/school days lost from severe weather events – I would be looking for summary data for Devon County Council for every year that you are able to provide for the annual number of school closures, … Continue reading

  • Tree types, numbers and felling in Exeter

    May I please have the following: 1) Full details of the trees within the city centre of Exeter. This is to include Fore Street, Frog Street, South Street, North Street, Paris Street, Sidwell Street and nearby areas. Devon County Council … Continue reading

  • Electric Vehicles

    Charging points for electric vehicles have become more widespread in Devon recently. I would like to request some information about them. a) What is the total cost of investment into Devon County Council’s EV charging network since its creation? £24,882 … Continue reading

  • Public rescue equipment and maintenance

    How many items of public rescue equipment (ie Lifebuoys, Lifebelts, Throw Lines or similar) does Devon County Council maintain at inland or coastal water sites. Excludes Swimming Pools District Councils have responsibility for beaches, where this type of public rescue equipment … Continue reading

  • Traveller sites and pitches

    We request the following information: 1 Total number of Travellers Sites/Pitches 16 pitches over 2 sites. 2 Number of Illegal travellers Sites/Pitches For the current financial year to date: 30. This is for unauthorised encampments that are identified as gypsy … Continue reading