• Racism reported in schools

    1. Does the council compile the number of racism complaints recorded by local schools? Yes, through EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service) Babcock, commissioned by the council. 1.1 If not, when did the council stop compiling figures of racism … Continue reading

  • Schools and EHCP information

    Please can you provide me with the name of the current educational placement (school) of any young people, 16 years of age and under, with educational health care (EHCP) plans or statements, placed in independent or non-maintained provision? I would … Continue reading

  • High needs budget 2019-2020

    Q1. What is the name of your local authority? Devon County Council Q2. What was your original allocated high needs budget for 2019/20? £63,723,000 Q3. What was your total high needs spending at the end of the financial year 2019/20? £82,798,000  Please confirm … Continue reading

  • High Functioning Autism (HFA)

    1. I would like to request under the Freedom of Information Act the following information in connection with the educational provision offered by your local authority and with regard to children with a diagnosis equivalent to one of High Functioning … Continue reading

  • Early years block

    Financial year 2019/20 Did you have any underspend or overspend in the early years block for three and four-year-old places in 2019/20? Underspend Please provide information about any underspend in the early years block for three and four-year-old places in … Continue reading

  • Elected home education

    Please provide details of how many electively home educated children are known to your local authority as at 1st October 2020. By electively home educated children, I mean children who are not on a school roll and who are not … Continue reading