• Active and Sustainable Travel Funds

    Confirm / provide the following information relating to active and sustainable travel: Whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any of the below Government funds: Transforming Cities Fund Reopening High Streets Safely Fund Local Growth … Continue reading

  • 5G Infrastructure

    “Is there 5G infrastructure in the area, e.g., MIMO masts, cell towers, LED street lights? If not, are there any plans? Yes / No answers are acceptable.” Devon County Council do not hold any information relating to 5G infrastructure. With … Continue reading

  • Okehampton East Parkway Station

    We would like to know the status of the Okehampton East Parkway station project. * Has the feasibility study been approved? * If so, what is the project status/outcome? The feasibility study has not been formally approved, reflecting the early … Continue reading

  • Connecting Devon and Somerset

    On February 6, Gigaclear announced that Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) and Gigaclear Ltd have reached a settlement following the cancellation last year of the five contracts CDS had with Gigaclear Ltd. See the announcement here:  Announcement 1. The announcement … Continue reading

  • Connecting Devon and Somerset

    The “Board Action Notes” from the December 6, Connecting Devon and Somerset Programme Board Meeting have now been published on the CDS website. (https://www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2019-12-06-Action-Log-Final.pdf ) Under heading “3. New Procurement”, the following is stated: “Ongoing discussions are being had to … Continue reading

  • Carillion

    1)The details of the contracts your authority had with Carillion, which were still outstanding when the firm collapsed in January 2018. We can confirm that Devon County Council had no contracts with Carillion in January 2018 2) These would be … Continue reading

  • Connecting Devon and Somerset

    Part (a): In the September 12, 2019 Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Stakeholder Briefing, CDS stated that CDS aims to publish Invitation To Tenders (ITTs) for the five cancelled Gigaclear contract lots before the end of December 2019. CDS also … Continue reading

  • ZEBCat Scheme

    Under the Freedom of information act 2000 please can you send me an up to date list of all contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that have been working on the construction of ‘ZEBCat’; Scheme comprises This procurement is part of the … Continue reading