• Environmental Permitting Regulations

    Please could provide me with the following details within the area covered by your council: Any Part A(2) activities that you regulate with regards to Environmental Permitting Regulations, with details of enforcements. Any Part B activities that you regulate with … Continue reading

  • Local Wefare Assistance

    1) Does your council run a Local Welfare Assistance Scheme, designed to provide emergency and/or community assistance?  2) What is its budget for 2018/19?  3) What has been its budget for each of the previous 5 financial years (2017/18, 2016/17, … Continue reading

  • Snoring complaints

    Do you regard snoring as a noise nuisance and accept and investigate complaints about snoring if any are made?    If yes    1) Have you ever received any complaints about snoring?    2) How many complaints have you received? … Continue reading

  • Homelessness Reconection

    Please provide details relating to the number of homeless people sent to foreign countries for reconnection.   By this, I refer to those cases where a homeless person – who may be foreign or have a support system in a … Continue reading

  • Council Tax collections

    In the last five financial years how much in Council Tax was not collected by your authority? A) I would like the data year by year B) How many households did this involve year on year? Devon County Council is … Continue reading

  • Election costs

    Provide me with the estimated or actual amount of money spent by the local authority on the following items when administering the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 UK General Election? Printing ballot papers Distributing postal votes within the UK … Continue reading