• Adult Social Care complaints 2013-2018

    1) How many complaints were made in respect of Adult Social Care between 2013 and 2018.   The information requested can be found in the quarterly feedback reports on our public website at the following link – Feedback and Complaints  … Continue reading

  • Head of ICT

    “I am looking for information for the officer who is part of the ‘Senior Management Team’ (i.e. reporting directly to the Chief Executive) and is also responsible for IT (But not the IT director) please supply their; a) Full name … Continue reading

  • Blue badge applicants and policies

    1. How many Blue Badge applications has your local authority received in 2017? Please include all Blue Badge applicants (not just those with Parkinson’s). We should clarify that our information is held in financial years and not calendar years. In … Continue reading

  • IT software usage and spend

    As per the FOI Act, I would like to request specific information from your Council (Borough/ District/City) regarding the IT software estate currently in place.  I would specifically like to request the following, in electronic format please:  What is the … Continue reading

  • Window Cleaning Costs and Suppliers

    “I am submitting this Freedom of Information request to find out how much money has spent of window cleaning over the past five years. Please can you tell me how much has been spent on window cleaning for Council properties … Continue reading

  • Blue Badges holders reqistered 2016-2018

    The current number of Blue Badge holders registered in your local authority area 38714 The number of Blue Badges issued to drivers in your local authority area (broken down by new applications and re-issued if possible), broken down by year … Continue reading

  • Post Brexit impact assessment

    I wish to make a freedom of information request about any impact assessments Devon County Council has carried out on SMEs importing and exporting goods AND services to the EU. I assume these assessments will have been made for a … Continue reading

  • CCTV maintenance and support contract

    I have been provided with your email to submit a request for information. The information I require is to do with the organisation’s CCTV maintenance and support contract. Please can you send me the information stated below: 1. Supplier of … Continue reading

  • Multi-service contracts

    I would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, details in respect to the contracts below. • Electrical Maintenance • HVAC Maintenance • Security Systems Maintenance • Fire Prevention Systems and Maintenance • … Continue reading