• Foreign Travel Costs

    “From 1 August 2017 to the day this request is processed (1 August 2018), I would like to know the number of overseas trips councillors, members of the management team (including the chief executive), and council officers have taken in … Continue reading

  • Mobile phones contracts and spend

    1. Network Provider(s) – Please provide me with the network provider name e.g. EE, Telefonica, Vodafone, Three EE for the majority although if signal is an issue with a user we will look to other operators such as Vodafone to … Continue reading

  • Blue badge awards

    Please provide any and all legislation and connected documentation for the renewals process you use for the blue badge (Disabled parking). This is to include the relevant sections of law which you use to decide on length of award time, … Continue reading

  • Debt collection enforcement agencies

    1. Please specify whether you have an existing contract(s) for Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Services for Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) debt collection Yes – commenced Sept 2018 2. Please provide the date that your existing contract(s) for Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Services … Continue reading

  • Advertising costs

    Please could you provide the following information, as requested under the Freedom of Information Act: * The total spent by the local authority on print advertising in local or regional newspapers and magazines in 2018 * The total spent by … Continue reading

  • Public relations staff numbers and spend

    1. How many people does the council currently employ in communications, press office and/or public relations positions? 24.64 Full time employee positions 2. What was the total annual spend by the council on public relations, press office and communications for … Continue reading

  • Funding for charities

    Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would be grateful if you could tell me for each of the last eight full financial years how much grant funding was awarded to charitable organisations by your local authority and how many … Continue reading

  • Adult Social Care complaints 2013-2018

    1) How many complaints were made in respect of Adult Social Care between 2013 and 2018.   The information requested can be found in the quarterly feedback reports on our public website at the following link – Feedback and Complaints  … Continue reading

  • Head of ICT

    “I am looking for information for the officer who is part of the ‘Senior Management Team’ (i.e. reporting directly to the Chief Executive) and is also responsible for IT (But not the IT director) please supply their; a) Full name … Continue reading