• Committee Management System

    Please confirm : * The exact length of time your current Committee Management System has been in place for – please also confirm the start date. Contract started in November 2015 (although go live was not until April 2016 – … Continue reading

  • 5G Infrastructure

    “Is there 5G infrastructure in the area, e.g., MIMO masts, cell towers, LED street lights? If not, are there any plans? Yes / No answers are acceptable.” Devon County Council do not hold any information relating to 5G infrastructure. With … Continue reading

  • EU nationals in Devon

    1. The total number of European nationals living within the jurisdiction of the council (ie the total number of EU nationals that the council is aware of in their area) and how this number was arrived at. Devon County Council … Continue reading

  • Register of Interests of Councillors

    I would like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Register of Interest for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format such as a CSV file, including any additional information that may not be published on … Continue reading

  • Non-Statutory Public Consultations and Meetings

    1. How many non-statutory public consultations did your council run in the following calendar years: a. 2015 b. 2016 c. 2017 d. 2018 e. 2019 Public consultations are made available online at: https://www.devon.gov.uk/haveyoursay/ and records of past consultations are available at … Continue reading