• Employed social workers and training

    1. How many children’s social workers are employed within the County Council (agency & permanent) – 212 contracted Social Workers and there are 77 Agency social workers 2. Do you provide training for children’s social workers to understand how to … Continue reading

  • Looked-after children

    How many looked-after children have been placed into semi-independent living accommodation not subject to children’s homes regulations in each of the last three calendar years (2018,2019, 2020 so far). Please break this down by month. Of those children how many: … Continue reading

  • Child and Adult Social Care policies

    Policies/Guidance for: Children’s Social Care 1. The Disabled Children’s Social Work Team. To include eligibility criteria and which cases have social work input and which cases are demoted to annual reassessment. Disabled Children’s Service eligibility criteria can be found at … Continue reading

  • Registered foster carers

    Information about your registered foster carers that are directly paid by the council. (i) Total number of foster carers;   342 households (ii) Split by Gender – male, female, non-binary 128 male, 217 female and * non-binary (iii) Split by … Continue reading

  • Child criminal exploitation

    Does your local authority record data regarding the number of referrals it receives concerning child criminal exploitation?   Yes If so, in what year did this practice begin?   16/12/2019 Please provide a breakdown of the number of referrals it … Continue reading

  • Children In Need cohorts risk factors

    Please provide: 1. The breakdown by cohort and the breakdown by age band (including unborn children) and ethnicity 2. Where there also was a factor of concern about maltreatment (codes 16A, 17A, 18A and 19A) in the initial assessment, the … Continue reading

  • National Transfer Scheme

    How many unaccompanied asylum seeking children has your council volunteered to support since the beginning of The National Transfer Scheme?   9 Please break your answer down into each individual month since the scheme was created from July 2017 – … Continue reading