• Fabricated or induced illness (FII)

    1.How many referrals have been made to your local authority’s social services mentioning concerns about fabricated or induced illness (FII) in a child for each of the financial years 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019?  Data on FII is not … Continue reading

  • Looked after children placements in care homes

    1.Please could you supply the name, job title, email address and telephone number of the commissioner with responsibility for Looked After Children and/or placements in children’s care homes. Nick Scribbins, Senior Commissioning Officer, nick.scribbins@devon.gov.uk, 01392 383000 – ask for Nick … Continue reading

  • Adopt South West IT system

    1. Are you already a member of a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA)? Yes/No Yes 2 If yes to Question 1, which authority or agency is delivering the RAA? (Is it led by a specific Local Authority or a Private or … Continue reading

  • Care leaver deaths

    1.How many care leavers in Devon and North Devon have died aged 18-25 years old in the last five years? 10 care leavers have died in the last 5 years that were open to DCC as a Care Leaver. Of … Continue reading

  • Foster Carer Fees

    “Please provide:- 1. Details of the lowest, highest and average weekly fee rates agreed with external suppliers of Independent Foster Care Services for the current year (2019/2020). Example response as follows ‘ Lowest weekly fee rate = £461.28 Highest weekly … Continue reading

  • Separated siblings in care

    How many siblings in the care system of your local authority have been separated since 1st January 2016 to present? Please provide a breakdown of the numbers by year. I would like this data to include all half siblings and … Continue reading

  • Special Guardianship Support and Assessment

    “Does the council follow the DfE (Department for Education) method of assessing Special guardianship allowance? If not please provide information as to the method used. DCC uses a formula developed from the DfE model means test. What is the maximum … Continue reading

  • Section 47 Enquiries

    “Please provide the number of Section 47 enquiries opened by children’s social care in each of the last five years (calendar or financial, whatever is available) and a breakdown of the reason for the enquiry, where recorded, for example, criminal … Continue reading