• Young Parents Scheme

    I would like to know if you operate a ‘Young Parents Scheme’ in your local authority area. This is a housing scheme for 16-25 year olds where they live in supported accommodation and are able to access help to learn … Continue reading

  • Children and Young People’s mental health

    Please list all services that you have previously provided or commissioned within the last eight financial years (since 2010/11) and no longer do related to: a. the promotion of children and young people’s mental wellbeing b. the prevention of CYP … Continue reading

  • Children’s Centres

    please provide: the number of designated statutory children’s centres in the current financial year and every year since, and including, 2009/10. 2009/10 – 43 centres 2010/11 – 2016/17 – some related service provided however not designated statutory children’s centres therefore, … Continue reading

  • Domestic Abuse Support for Children

    1. How many support services do you provide in your local authority for children and young people (aged up to 18) who have lived in a household where domestic abuse has occurred? 1 – Young person’s Independent Domestic Violence Advisor … Continue reading

  • Children’s Centres in Devon

    “How many Children’s Centres were there in Devon prior to the Tory government in 2010 and how many are there now? 42 designated buildings prior to 2010.  Present day – 26 designated buildings. What changes have been made to Children’s … Continue reading

  • Children’s centres

    We have an information request -see below – a) The number of designated statutory children’s centres. I would like this data for the current financial year and for 2009/10 2009/10 – 43 centres 2017/18 – 26 centres b) How many … Continue reading

  • Organisations that work with children in your area

    I am looking for information on any organisations that work with children in your area. Please could you split the information in to different sectors (Early Years, Education, Fostering (IFAs), Children’s Placements, Leisure, Faith Groups (incl. Madrassas / Sunday Schools) … Continue reading