• Young Carer Numbers, Services and Spend

    1) How many young carers under the age of 18 are identified in your area? 2008/09 This information has been disposed of in accordance with its Retention Period, therefore we do not hold this information. 2009/10 From 1st April 2009 … Continue reading

  • Parenting programmes and services

    We are looking at who is responsible for commissioning services and parenting programmes into the authority.   Who is responsible for commissioning parenting programmes? (job title) Name Val Smith Senior Commissioning Manager Contact details val.smith@devon.gov.uk Who is responsible for commissioning … Continue reading

  • Foster care registration

    How many foster carers have left (been de-registered by) Devon’s Fostering Service since April 2016 and how many new foster carers were registered during the same period?  See National Statistics for Fostering in England 2016-2017  published 29 March 2018 How … Continue reading

  • Free school presumption specifications

    I am researching the effect of the Section 6A free school presumption process in identifying new school need. Can you please send me: Links to or copies off all specifications published by Devon local education authority since 2012 under Section … Continue reading

  • Young Parents Scheme

    I would like to know if you operate a ‘Young Parents Scheme’ in your local authority area. This is a housing scheme for 16-25 year olds where they live in supported accommodation and are able to access help to learn … Continue reading

  • Children and Young People’s mental health

    Please list all services that you have previously provided or commissioned within the last eight financial years (since 2010/11) and no longer do related to: a. the promotion of children and young people’s mental wellbeing b. the prevention of CYP … Continue reading