• Social Services Hospital Discharge Process

    ‚ÄúPlease may I have copies of all documents that detail the procedures and processes including check lists and associated documents that Devon County Social Services has to undertake when requested by the NHS to participate in the Discharge of persons … Continue reading

  • Care Homes in Local Authority Area

    Please could you provide details of the number of open care homes in your local authority area for the following financial years: * 2018/19 * 2017/18 * 2016/17 * 2015/16 * 2014/15 The requested information is not held by Devon … Continue reading

  • Adult reviews and reassessments

    1. How many adult reviews/reassessments have not been undertaken within a 12 month period as of the 28/03/2019 and fall outside of Care Act Compliance? 3,511 2. Has the Council used an outside 3rd party organisation to conduct adult reviews/reassessments … Continue reading

  • Remote patient monitoring

    1) Does your organization presently use and/or endorse a (RPM) remote patient monitoring system to capture vital signs or other health related measurements whilst a patient is residing in their own home or being cared for in a non-acute environment … Continue reading

  • Adult social care serious case reviews

    1)The total number of adult serious case reviews undertaken for each year since 2006. If these figures are not available, please provide the number of adult serious case reviews for each year for which you have figures. 2011 – 2012 … Continue reading

  • Social care and health advocacy

    1. Please can you tell me the amount of money you spent on the Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy service for the following financial years, the organisation you commissioned to deliver this statutory service and the number of new cases taken … Continue reading

  • Domicilary – home – care visits

    1) How many complaints did you receive from 2013-2019 (up until 11/2/2019) relating to care workers failing to show up when expected for a domiciliary home visit? I would like this information broken down by month and year please. We … Continue reading