• Telecare provision and contracts

    * Which of the following do you provide (Telecare services, Assistive Tech, Tech enabled care, Telehealth)? Millbrook Healthcare are commissioned to provide Technology Enabled Care and Support which may include the provision of Telecare. * What elements of these do … Continue reading

  • Adult social care providers and contracts

    1: please indicate how your Council currently exercises its Care Act 2014 duties: Caring for Young persons (18 to 25 years): a) the Council has an in-house service provider delivering services, facilities or resources; or b) the Council does not … Continue reading

  • Domiciliary Care

    Domiciliary care payments and financial assessments (means tests) for care 1a) What was the council’s spend on domiciliary care between 25.04.2020 – 25.06.2020 £7,704 (gross spend) between 25-04-20 to 24-06-20 1b) What was the council’s spend on domiciliary care between … Continue reading

  • Domicilliary care rates and tendering

    1. The lowest and highest (based on the standard daytime week-day rate) charge rates per hour of domiciliary care charged to the local authority for Adult Social Care commissioned through private domiciliary care providers. The lowest SPOT commissioned rate paid … Continue reading

  • Meals on wheels – Tiverton

    Does the Council provide meals on wheels in the Tiverton area? Our Help to Stay Living at Home web page includes the following signpost : Pinpoint Devon – support with meals. This provides information about services in local areas including … Continue reading

  • Adult Social Care Financial Assessments

    1. How many financial assessments for Adult Social Care (residential and non-residential) did you receive for the financial year 2019/20? Residential: 3,140 (does not include reviews of existing clients). Non-Residential: 6,136 (does not include reviews of existing clients). 2. How … Continue reading

  • Occupational Therapy assessments

    Please supply the following information about your Occupational Therapy Assessments: 1. What is the average waiting time for Service Users of Adult Social Care from request for Occupational Therapy Assessment to the assessment being carried out? 32 days 2. What … Continue reading