Whitchurch Primary School school crossing

For the past 5 years I would like all Risk assessment and cleaning/maintenance records for the Whitchurch primary school on Whitchurch Road, Tavistock PL19. I would like the records for the road crossing signs for the school patrol. I would like to know who undertook those and when.

Risk assessment documents for the last five year period are available via the link below:

Risk assessments

I would also like to know for the past 5 years: How many times was the role of school crossing patrol advertised, when and where.

We do not hold this information.  School Crossing Patrol vacancies and information are published on the Devon County Council School Crossing Patrol, Devon Jobs and Job Centre websites. Schools are also requested to help with the advertising/promotion of a post using our free recruitment resources. For the advertising of all vacancies-there is a permanent ongoing Devon Jobs advert.

Individual sites are not specifically listed and any applications received are matched to suitable sites; as indicated at the beginning of this response we therefore do not hold this specific information.

I would like to know when a risk assessment was last carried out and how many in the past 5 years, of the safety of the crossing itself.

The last risk assessment was carried out on the 8th September 2020. Five assessments have been carried out within the last five years.

I would like the risk assessment information for the past 10 years. The risk assessment undertaken to decide whether the crossing requires a patrol. I would also like dates and times of site visits in the past 10 years.

The risk assessment for 2020 and the last five years are attached as referred to in our response in question 1. No other assessment records are available for the past ten years. Prior to formalising any recommendation to not replace a patrol at this site, Devon County Council will carry out another Vacant Site Review & PV2 assessment this financial year (P =Number of Pedestrians, V= Number of Vehicles) Further information is available online at:

School crossing patrols