West Hill Road

Around 2016, three speed cushions were installed in West Hill Road EX11. Please provide information data as follows.

1. Date of installation;

The speed cushions were installed between 4 April 2016 and 8 April 2016

2 Collision, incident or accident data along this road in the four years prior to and after installation (previous 7 or 8 years to present day);

There has been a single collision recorded fronting Mill House between 01/01/2011 and 31/12/2018, on the 18 January 2015

3. Data from relevant speed checks carried out in the same period;

Speed checks were undertaken in West Hill Road prior to the construction of the speed cushions and a subsequent report can be viewed via the link below:


We do not hold any information regarding any speed checks undertaken following construction of the speed cushions.

4. Minutes and documents of objections and approval for installation with specifications;

The minutes of the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee dated 24 July 2015 are available at the following link:  https://democracy.devon.gov.uk/CeListDocuments.aspx?MID=925&RD=Minutes&DF=24%2f07%2f2015&A=1&R=0

The specifications are set out in the report provided in response to question 3 above.

5. Complaints about the cushions and road safety throughout West Hill Road since installation.

No complaints have been received about the cushions or road safety in West Hill Road.