Vehicle Fleet and Tracking

How many vehicles per department? 

25MinibusesVarious schools and the Transport Co-ordination Service

Wheelchair accessible

people carriers

Transport Co-ordination Service for home to school transport.

Wheelchair accessible


Transport Co-ordination Service for home to school transport
45MPV type vehiclesVarious schools and Social services

Wheelchair accessible


Transport Co-ordination Service for home to school transport

Small to medium sized


Waste, parking enforcement, Bridges and highways
154×4 type vehiclesWaste, coast and countryside rangers, highways
8CarsParking enforcement , fostering service
5Small to medium vanTransport Co-ordination Service
5Mobile library vansLibrary Service
7Medium sized vansMaterials Laboratory, coast and country side

Do you currently use vehicle tracking in all departments?

Devon County Council does not use any tracking on any of its vehicles.

What solution you currently use across all departments, is it 1 system or multiple?

As above none of the vehicles are fitted with tracking

What are the renewal dates?

Not applicable

Who is the person who purchases vehicle tracking for each department for the Council.

We have a fleet Manager that is responsible for all of the vehicles in all departments.

What is their best contact method and provide details?

Paul Edmonds – email