Vehicle damage claims and road defects

Details of all the Devon County Council vehicle damage claims, and not any particular area.

1) Total number of claims made for vehicle damage in relation to the road condition. 

2015 – 2019 Pothole damage claims and compensation is publicly available.

The 2020 figures are as follows:

813 claims processed, with 70 claims awaiting processing.

Total of 883 claims made in relation to the road condition.

2) Total number of claims accepted.


3) Total number of claims rejected.

531 + 21 claims registered but responsibility to be decided

4) Total value of claims accepted.


5) Total number of road defects reported either by DCC staff, or the public.

The following figures are made up of both defects found through inspection and raised internally, and public reports (where pothole enquiries have been closed down at point of triage assessment these will not have been included, verified ‘defects’ only).

Year Defects Instructed Average Completion
Days (TOTAL)
2017 59285 9
2018 77588 17
2019 54421 13
2020 64857 12
Grand Total 256151 12.75

For clarity, the request only refers to ‘road defects’ (e.g. not just potholes) the search criteria used (based on all defects) was either ‘carriageway’ or ‘highway’. The average completion days are done on calendar days, not working days.

6) Average time between reporting of a defect, and the subsequent remedial action.  

Refer to figures above

Devon’s Road Safety Policy is publicly available at Roads and Transport, Highways Safety Inspections