Tree felling – South Molton

1. Where and when did the original request for the felling originate?

On 13 July 2018 we received a report from a member of the public with concerns for the health of the tree
On 23 July 2018 we arranged for a professional survey of the tree from a company on our framework contract called Hi-Line
On 27 July 2018 Hi-Line carried out the survey which can be accessed using the link provided on the highlighted text – and recommended that the tree be felled within 6 months
On 17 August 2018 a member of the Highway Services Team, responsible for administering our Tree Safety Management programme and for following the recommendations of the expert survey placed an order with Teign Trees for the tree to be felled within 20 days.

2. What risk/benefit analysis was undertaken?

This analysis was undertaken by a surveyor employed by Hi-Line who was instructed to make recommendations based on the overall risk to the highway and the highway user.

3. Who took the decision to fell the tree?

The expert surveyor from Hi-Line.

4. What was the qualification of the person who decided the tree should be felled?

It is a contractual requirement that all surveyors on our framework contract are qualified to the standard recognised by the Arboricultural Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) Level 3 (or equivalent) and that surveyors are tangibly supervised by a person qualified to the standard recognised by QCF Level 5 (or equivalent)

5. When was the original decision made?

27 July 2018

6. What weight was given to the fact that tree was within a conservation area?

The decision to fell the tree was purely made on highway safety grounds.

7. What will be done with the remaining stump of the tree?

There are no plans to take any further action with the remaining stump

8. When and how were the Town Council informed of the proposal?

The Town Council were not informed of the proposal