Traffic Regulation Order Tawstock

Regarding Traffic Regulation Order: The County of Devon (Gratton Way/Oakwood Close, Roundswell, Tawstock) (Traffic Regulation) Order 2000.

1) How many Tags (as referred to in Section 2 and Section 4 of the order) have been issued in each year since the year 2000. If breakdown not possible, how many it total since 2000.

We do not hold the information for Questions 1-9.

2) Do you retain holder records for the recipient of the tags? If so please advise which companies hold them and how many individuals hold them.

4) Can the tags be transferred between vehicles without reference back to you as the issuing authority.

5) Please provide a picture or description of the tag.

6) Please provide copy plans of the regulatory signs for the restriction referred to in Schedule 1 (Gratton Way/Old Torrington Road – distance of 30 metres).

7) Please provide details of what regulatory signs are required to enforce the order (restriction referred to in Q6 only)

8) Please provide copies of any external correspondence regarding the enforcement (prosecutions) of Schedule 1 of the order since 2014 .

9) Please provide any minutes or documents where the signing for the restriction (as listed in Q6) was considered at the design/implementation phase.

10) Please advise if there are any other traffic regulations which restrict the movement of vehicles that relate to Gratton Way/Old Torrington Road Junction.

Our active Traffic Orders District and Ward Area can be viewed online using the link provided. There are no relevant orders other than “The County of Devon (Gratton Way/Oakwood Close, Roundswell, Tawstock) (Traffic Regulation) Order 2000” restrict movement of vehicles at the Gratton Way / Old Torrington Road Junction.