Traffic Regulation Order at Lower Rackclose Lane, Exeter

“For all information in regards to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) that was implemented on 1st August 2003, which included double yellow line restrictions on both sides of that road, on Lower Rackclose Lane, entitled Order Ref 1480: The County of Devon. (Fore Street Area, Exeter) (Traffic Regulation & Parking Places) Order 2003.

A plan of the restrictions the proposals related to TRO 1480 refer to, is available via the link provided.

And for any all information in regards to any changes to these orders that have been made since, can you please include reasons for the Order and all communications, notes, documents, and diagrams/images related to it.

We have not made any changes to the physical restriction in Lower Rackclose Lane, Exeter. However, the Order has been revoked and superseded a number of times over the years to consolidate all restrictions into a single Devon Wide Traffic Regulation Order.

Where available, the TRO adverts, draft Orders and sealed Orders relating to this are available via the link provided.

As these TROs relate to all restrictions in Devon, they are constantly being changed, and therefore to locate, extract and retrieve information pertaining to TRO 1480 would require reviewing all emails and associated communications for all changes to parking restrictions in Devon since 5 May 2008 (our first CPE TRO).  We have made approximately 470 changes to these TROs; averaging around 40 being implemented each year.  Each TRO would involve significant correspondence from the concept through to the delivery (which could be from 3 months up to 2 years). We are therefore unable to provide this data under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Cost of Compliance’, as we have estimated that it would take well in excess of 18 hours to locate, retrieve and extract this information.