Telephone System Software

Please can you send me the following contract information via email with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and Software maintenance and support:
1. Contract Type: Maintenance, Managed, Shared (If so please state orgs)

Internal with the third line support contracted out

2. Existing Supplier: If there is more than one supplier please split each contract up individually.

Delivered internally

3. Annual Average Spend: The annual average spend for this contract and please provide the average spend over the past 3 years for each provider

Estimated for the last year at £160,000 – Call Centre services. Technical Support estimated annual value £70,000 estimated spend

4. Hardware Brand: The primary hardware brand of the organisation’s telephone system.

Devon County Council use Microsoft Skype

5. Number of telephone users:


6. Contract Duration: please include any extension periods.

7. Contract Expiry Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.

8. Contract Review Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.

In response to questions 6-7 we can confirm:

Nexus support which began on 11th March 2018 with two 1 year optional extensions.
Netcall Call Centre Services which began on 1st September 2017 with a maximum term 10 years

9. Application(s) running on PBX/VOIP systems: Applications that run on the actual PBX or VOIP system. E.g. Contact Centre, Communication Manager.

Netcall Liberty Contact Center Solution

10. Telephone System Type: PBX, VOIP, Lync etc

Skype for Business Enterprise Voice

11. Contract Description: Please provide me with a brief description of the overall service provided under this contract.

Call Centre Services – The contract is for an integrated and highly configurable Contact Centre and telephony management solution
Technical Support – Ad hoc Technical support

12. Go to Market: How where these services procured, please provide me with either the tender notice or the framework reference number. Please specify if procured through other routes.

Open procurement exercises to form a contract Call Centre Services CP1436-17 and Technical Support – CP936-13

13. Contact Detail: Of the person from with the organisation responsible for each contract full Contact details including full name, job title, direct contact number and direct email address.

Gavin Punchard MCIPS
Procurement Category Manager
Technology & communications
Digital Transformation and Business Support
Devon County Council, Room 120,
County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD

 (01392) 383000

14. If the service support area has more than one provider for telephone maintenance then can you please split each contract up individually for each provider?

Following our responses to the above questions, this question is no longer applicable

15. If the contract is a managed service or is a contract that provides more than just telephone maintenance please can you send me all of the information specified above including the person from with the organisation responsible.

Following our responses to the above questions, this question is no longer applicable