Suez run recycling plant, Tavistock

I understand that there have been numerous complaints and criticisms of the Suez run recycling plant at Tavistock (I have seen numerous comments on the Tavistock Facebook page and questions asked of the local councilors on that page). Were these considered and minuted during the council meeting to award the tender again to Suez? Please can you send me a link to those council minutes please. 

Facebook comments were not considered; therefore, this information is not held.

There are no council minutes. However, the link to the decision document is shown under the following question.

Was this an open tender? Where other recycling firms contacted and asked to tender? Was the tender advertised nationally? If so, can you give a list of companies who tendered. Who (person or committee) awarded the tender to Suez? 

The contract was advertised both nationally and across the EU and three companies returned tenders.

The decision to award the contract was published on the Council’s website.

I moved from Dorset to West Devon a few years ago, and the recycling in Dorset and Somerset was above the national average. Please can you provide the recycle figures and national comparisons for West Devon and in particular Crowndale. 

For 2016-17 the percentage of household waste in Devon sent for reuse, recycling or composting was 55.7%.

We understand Dorset achieved 59.4% and Somerset 52.7%.

West Devon Borough Council had a percentage of 53.8% for 2016-17.

Further publicly available information can be found at:

Waste Data Flow and Local authority collected waste management – annual results

Crowndale Recycling Centre had a Recycling rate of 79% in 16-17.

We live in a very beautiful area, but it is blighted by fly-tipping. Can you give me the annual cost to the council for clearing fly-tipped waste, and what is the standard/minimum/average cost of a trip to clear a dumping? I personally believe that the unhelpful approach at Crowndale and other recycle sites and charges and attitude to accepting waste there is a major contributing factor to the amount of local fly-tipping.

Devon County Council is not responsible for the cost of fly-tipped waste.  Therefore does not hold the information requested.  This information is held by

West Devon Borough Council  Please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.