Stopping Up Order Advertisements


“I am looking to find out if the following was ever made/advertised and if so, where was it advertised as such:-

Devon County Council – Stopping Up of Highway – Brunel Road, Newton Abbot (Proposed 2016) and Devon County Council – Stopping up of part of Kingswear Unclassified County Road No. H107 (Galmpton Mill).”


Galmpton Mill – An application to Magistrates for a stopping-up order was advertised in the South Hams Gazette and the London Gazette on 24th February 2017, notices were also erected on site and sent to consultees. The application was subsequently withdrawn and the scheduled Court hearing was cancelled. Notices of cancellation were erected on site on 27th March 2017 and sent to consultees.

Brunel Road – The Brunel Road application was advertised in the Mid Devon Advertiser and the London Gazette, both on 24th November 2017. Notices were also posted on site on 27th November 2017. The Order was made by Newton Abbot Magistrates Court on 15th January 2018.