Smoking Legislation Enforcement


“Please advise:-

1. The number of times the legislation has been enforced by the local authority in relation to the offence of smoking in a private vehicle carrying passengers under the age of 18 since its introduction in October 2015. The two relevant offences are; ‘Smoking in a vehicle in which a child was present’ and ‘Allow smoking in a vehicle with a child’. Note – Both offences are contrary to Regulation 11 (1A) of the smoke-free (exemptions and vehicles) regulations 2007 and the Health Act 2006.

Please can this be broken down (preferably by calendar years 2015-18) into;
• The number of verbal warnings issued through any proactive enforcement by the local authority
• The number of prosecutions associated with these offences.”


Information not held.  It is not the local authority’s responsibility to enforce this legislation.  We recommend that you re-direct your request to Devon & Cornwall Police as the enforcement body.