Sexual misconduct schools

Could you please disclose how many incidents of sexual misconduct whether that be harassment, inappropriate touching, assault, or sharing of explicit images of another pupil, were recorded at schools in your area. Please note, I am only interested in “peer to peer” incidents between students on school premises.

Please disclose the total number of schools the figure applies to
Please break down by type of school, secondary or primary, and the type of incident. Please also disclose the ages of the victims and perpetrators.

Please disclose the form of punishment or disciplinary action taken in each case

Please provide figures for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, if possible.

Devon County Council do not hold records of “peer to peer” incidents between students on school premises and we therefore do not hold the information you are seeking.

By way of assistance, the school census returns do not capture the information requested. Information is captured on school exclusions, including the reason for the exclusion, where ‘sexual misconduct’ is one of the options. However it does not specify whether the incidents are peer to peer nor whether they were on school premises.

The only information that we can provide from school census data is;

 the number of children subject to a permanent or fixed period exclusion with a reason of ‘sexual misconduct’
 breakdown by type of school
 breakdown by age of pupil excluded

Alternatively, schools may hold their own records confirming further details, and you may therefore be able to obtain further information by approaching schools directly.