Sewerage upgrade to Keaton Road, Ivybridge 2014

I am writing as a resident of Ivybridge living in Keaton Road to request information regarding the South West Water upgrade to sewerage in my road during 2014.

I am interested in any information on the milestones for the project to include projected timescales and actual final completion dates.

Devon County Council hold very little information in relation to this.  We are aware that there was a major scheme in the general area but no notices were served to us and the details we hold do not suggest any major schemes actually took place in Keaton Road. There is one notice that looks like the works in question but we were informed that the works were cancelled and never took place.   The details are set out in the table below:

Organisation Location Street Town Works Category Works Description Actual Start Works Stop Traffic Management Works State
South West Water 17 – j/o Clare Street Keaton Road Ivybridge Major Carry out improvements to sewerage network Estimated start date was 8th September 2014 Estimated end date was 27th February 2015 Some Carriageway incursion Work Cancelled

If you require any further information, we would recommend that you contact South West Water(SWW). Contact details can be found on their website at:

Secondly, I would be grateful of any related information you hold on arrangements to mitigate issues with the residents parking scheme, for example: any correspondence with relevant authorities (eg. local council bodies), landowners, parking companies and residents.

We have interpreted your second question to refer to issues arising as a result of the major project you referred to in your first question.

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO1406918) was issued to close the road and stop parking. This TTRO would override the residents parking. This order was issued on the 30/04/2014 and sent to South Hams District Council on that date. The TTRO only legally needs to be distributed to the emergency services but a copy of a letter that SWW state they served to the affected residents can be seen via the link below.

SWW letter