Separated siblings in care

How many siblings in the care system of your local authority have been separated since 1st January 2016 to present? Please provide a breakdown of the numbers by year.

I would like this data to include all half siblings and siblings placed separately.

Please see the information below:

2016 – 157
2017 – 180
2018 – 228
2019 – 179 (up to 31/03/2019)

We should clarify that this has been calculated on the following basis:

a. Identify all the Children in Care between 01/01/16 and 31/03/19
b. Identify all their siblings/half siblings irrespective of home address and give them a group ID.
c. Check to see if those siblings were also in care in the period.
d. Look at each group in turn to identify if they came into care together and if they remained in a placement together or if they were separated at some stage. Those that came into care at different times have not been classed as normally residing together.