SEN mediation services

1. Who is the lead officer for SEN within the local authority?

SEND Senior Manager

2. Please provide an email address for that person.

3. Who is responsible for commissioning Sen mediation services?

As above

4. Please provide an email address for that person.

As above

5. Are you currently working within a contract that was awarded following a tender process?
6. When does the current contract term expire?
7. When is the next tender round planned for?
8. How do you advertise for expressions of interest?
9. Which tender portals do you use?
10. Do you ever spot purchase SEN mediation services?
11. Who are your current contracted providers?
12. Do you ever use other providers?
13. Has Covid changed your approach and are you now using online mediation meetings?
14. If so, has this required any change to the fee charged by the mediation service(s)? (please note I am not asking for any details about the amount of fee that is charged).

In response to questions 5-14,  we can confirm that Devon County Council works with all the other SW authorities to purchase mediation services and the lead authority is Somerset County Council – Megan Shepherd is the contact (email address:   We would therefore recommend that you contact Somerset County Council for further information.