Schools services information

Could you please provide me with the following information:
1) Does your organisation supply or recommend budgeting software or spreadsheets to schools and/or academies under your jurisdiction?
Supply / Recommend / Neither Software / Spreadsheet/ Neither

All Devon maintained schools are required to purchase the budget monitoring software as required by the local authority. All other schools that are not maintained can use whatever software or spreadsheets they prefer to use without recommendation or requirement from Devon County Council.

2) If you answered ‘software’ to Q1, is this a software solution provided by a third-party? If so, (2.1) who is the third-party software provider and (2.3) what is the annual contract value?
Y / N Details: Annual Contract Value £

Yes, the software is provided by a third-party and the annual contract value is around £250,000

3) If you answered ‘Y’ to Q2, when is the contract due for renewal?
Renewal DD/MM/YY:

The contract is due to be reviewed on or before 31/03/2020

4) If you answered Q3, when will the contract notice for renewal be issued prior to auto-renewal?
1 month / 3 months / 6 months / Other Please specify:

Pre tender work will start 12 – 18 months prior to contract end. If by contract notice you mean OJEU notice we would anticipate 12 months prior to contract end.

5) Do you supply first-line support (user and technical support) to schools for the budgeting solution? If yes, is this maintained schools or academies?
Y / N Maintained / Academies / Both

Yes, Scomis provide user and technical support to maintained and non-maintained schools.

6) Are all schools and/or academies under your jurisdiction free to make devolved budgeting software procurement decisions?
Maintained / Academies / Both Additional info:

All Devon maintained schools must use the approved local authority software for budgeting purposes. Academies are free to choose what they use.

7) If your organisation has not already done so, do you plan to roll-out a preferred budgeting solution for your schools and/or academies?
Maintained / Academies / Both Additional info:

Please refer to our response to question 6.

8) Traded Services
The following table is with regards to other professional services you provide to schools and/or academies. Please circle/give details as required.

The completed table is attached below:

Professional Services in Schools