School counsellors

This request concerns school counsellors

For each question I am seeking information for each of the following time periods:

i) 2014/15
ii) 2015/16
iii) 2016/17
iv) 2017/18 to date (most recent data available)

1. How many secondary school counsellors does your authority employ?

Devon County Council do not employ any school counsellors. Schools may well employ their own school counsellors but Devon County Council would not hold this information. Schools would have to be approached directly for this information. Contact details for schools within Devon can be found on our website at:

2. How many secondary school pupils is your authority responsible for?

Please see the table below:

2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
LA Maintained Schools 15,767 15,597 13,343 9,380
Academies & Free Schools 23,107 22,754 24,910 28,939
Total 38,874 38,351 38,253 38,319