School Agency Spend

I am interested in the amounts paid by all schools in Devon County Council in relation to temporary teacher staffing cover / agency costs. In particular, Teaching Assistants.
If possible, please could the spend be broken down by primary, secondary, Nursery and Special Needs schools and/or any other classification of school as well?

I would like the information to cover the year 2016/2017

School Type                                                             Supply                               Teaching Assistants     
 Direct School Grant £37,708 –
 Nursery Schools £7,348.89 –
 Other Primary Schools £2,001.63 –
 Pre-School £1,703.61 £27,929.13
 Primary Extended School – £37,202.21
 Primary Schools £3,052,879.97 £443,603.36
 Primary Support Partnerships £1,353.24 –
 Residential – £152.87
 Secondary (11-16) Schools £397,928.29 £10,812.83
Secondary (11-18) Schools£123,684.89£2,005.14
Special Schools£147,358.01£76,147.14



Please note, this will only relate to supply/casuals paid through Devon County Payroll – Schools may have engaged Agency workers directly