Scanning paper documents

1: Does the council have a dedicated on-site scanning team for paper records?

a: If so, how many FTE are within the team?
b: What volumes are the team scanning on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis?
c: Are the team scanning legacy records or day forward, or both?
d: what hardware & software is used by the team?
e: Is the hardware leased, rented or was it purchased outright?
f: Who is responsible within the council for the procurement of hardware and software? Please supply contact details.

2:If the council does not have a dedicated on-site scanning team, is there a contract for outsourced document scanning provisions?

a: If so, who is this contract with?
c: What is the value of the contract?
d: When is the contract due for renewal?

3: Does the council have on-site facilities to store paper records?

a: If so, how many FTE manage the facility?

b: What is the cost to the council monthly/annually? Include real-estate, FTE, systems and transport

We do not hold a combined total for this cost.

4: Does the council have contract(s) for off-site storage?

a: If so, who is the contract with?
A1: What is the annual cost of off-site storage for the council?
b: Does the contract include scan on demand or digitising services?
c: If so, what volumes of pages / images are scanned daily/weekly/monthly/annually?
d: What is the annual cost for outsourced scanning ‘ either on-demand or scheduled?

5: Are there departments within the council that scan their own documents locally?

a: If so, what hardware and software is used to manage this? 

Approximately 200 various models of Ricoh MFD’s provide scan to email and network plus a few specialist scanning devices including handheld Fujitsu scanners using Scansnap software and a few larger Fujitsu Fi-6670 scanners running Kofax software.

b: Are volumes captured? If so, what are they? 

No, therefore we do not hold this information.

c:What types of documents are scanned?

We do not hold this information, all types of documents are potentially scanned but not all individual paper documents are scanned.

6: Who in the council is responsible for records / document management programmes/systems?

A: Please provide contact details


7: Who in the council manages the contract(s) relationships with hardware providers and /or outsourced storage or scanning providers?
A: Please provide contact details incl email address


8: Who is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or equivalent position within the organisation? 

Rob Parkhouse 

A: Please provide email address