Sale of Kenwyn


“Has DCC or its agents formally notified Ashburton Town Council that the Town Council or any suitable organisation within Ashburton, could apply to purchase Kenwyn (DCC asset number 047101) since 2013 for community purposes, and if so when?

Devon County Council (DCC) has not formally notified Ashburton Town Council that they could apply to purchase Kenwyn for community purposes. DCC’s approach was to encourage community groups or organisations to approach us with ideas or plans to provide services to the community.

Prior to the closure of Kenwyn there was a public consultation that communicated DCC’s intent to close the site and deliver care services differently. As part of this consultation relevant organisations would have been made aware of DCC’s intentions.

The DCC “Tough Choices” campaign provided information and opportunities for Community Groups to be part of how we needed to change services. Whilst this programme has now closed, at the time of the Kenwyn consultation interested groups would have been encouraged to contact DCC and express an interest in taking on elements, including assets, of service/support to their local communities.

Particular details of DCC’s programme for considering transferring assets to the community is available here

When did DCC or its agents enter into a formal contract with Blue Cedar Homes Ltd regarding the sale of Kenwyn?

DCC exchanged conditional contracts with the buyer on 20/04/17.

What value does DCC or its agents currently place on the site?”

Kenwyn was sold following an open market tender process, in which DCC accepted the best value offer. The sale process is still ongoing, but once it has legally completed the information, including sale price, will be published on the Land Registry website.  Therefore, this information is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act Section 22 – ‘Information intended for Future Publication’.