S.106 Agreement – Land at Balls Corner, Burrington, Umberleigh, EX37 9QJ

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we request that you provide the following information: 

1. Confirmation that the financial contributions relating to the above s106 agreement have been allocated to a project or spent by the Council;

Devon County Council can confirm that contributions were received on 11th May 2009 with respect to development – 44369 (Umberleigh, Land at Balls Corner, Burrington).  The designated schools for this development were Chulmleigh primary school and Chulmleigh Community College.

2. Evidence of allocation or expenditure of the above sum including the date of expenditure or allocation, details of the scheme to which the funds were allocated or expended and receipts in respect of any expenditure;

Devon County Council can confirm that the contribution has been spent in full and was spent in the 2012/2013 financial year.  The £3,472.50 was pooled together with the other section 106 contributions and was allocated to a wider project defined as “Chumleigh Academy – Expansion”, a project which cost £147,361.50 in total. On 11th April 2013 two payments were made to the Chulmleigh Academy Trust for a total of £147,361.50. Payments of £133,021.00 and £14,340.50 were made.

3. Information regarding the specific location of the scheme or project on which the funds were allocated or spent;

The funds went towards the Chumleigh Academy expansion, as set out above.

4. Evidence that the allocation or expenditure relates to an education contribution as detailed in the s106 agreement;

Please see our answer to question 3 above.

5. If some or all of the monies remain unspent or unallocated, then confirmation of the same together with details of the amount you currently hold inclusive of interest and confirmation of return of unspent or unallocated contributions

The contribution has been spent in full so this question is not applicable.