Road visits and reasons – 2018-01/12/2020

How many individual visits have been made by Devon County Council or a contractor on behalf of Devon County Council to the following roads in the two years to 01st December, 2020?

1. Tawgreen Road
2. Penson Lane leading to Luxton Lane
3. Tawgreen Lane leading to Berry Hill

What was each visit intended to achieve?

As part of the Doing What Matters Project these roads were looked at as a trial for a different approach to repairing/maintaining them, they were measured for conventional patching and resurfacing, but due to other commitments and priorities no further works were carried out on them at the present time. Further details confirmed as follows:

August 2019 – driven condition survey x 3 officers

Between August 2019 and December 2019 –  roads driven to show condition of road to matrix laboratory. X 3 officers

Between August 2019 and December 2019 – walked roads to determine level of repairs that could be required. X 3 officers.

Further, for the purposes of responding to customer enquiries, the Highway Officer who carries out site visits when required following customer enquiries advises the following:

Road from Clapper Cross to Taw Green Cottage – site visit 07/07/20 following report of highway misuse in the location of Bidbeare Barton Farm (resident complaining of mud on road, tractors blocking road and a new development/driveway). Any potholes located at that time would have been logged and referred to Teignmouth District Council planning regarding new development .

Road from Clapper Cross to Taw Green Cottage (Berry Hill) – concerns for road falling away at side. Highways Officer carried out site visit 21/09/20 – 2 narrow patches (13 x 1.5m & 13 x 3m)

Road from Beare Lane Cross to Clapper Bridge. 15/09/20 – further report about mud on road. Carried out site visit 16/09/20 and mud boards were out and road had been cleaned by Skanska to attend.

Road from Penson Cross to Taw Green Cottages – There are 2 blocked gullies here down for jetting following cyclic gang attendance.

Road from Penson Cross to Clapper Cross (road past Luxton Farm/aka Luxton Lane) – site visit 16/09/20 when visiting the muddy road,

Road from Clapper Cross to Clapper Bridge– site visit 16/09/20 on the way to inspect the muddy road

The section Taw Green Lane to Berry hill was a part of a spray injection site  completed in 09/12/19 this would have required several visits to identify site, measure up and carry out works.

How much did each visit cost? , What is the cumulative amount spent on visits to those three roads in the two years to 01st December, 2020?

Site visits are carried out during the normal working day with multiple site visits made.  Roads rarely visited in isolation therefore it is not possible to breakdown a cost for any individual visit.  We therefore do not hold this information