Road Safety Inspections, Staplake Brook to Telegraph Hill

Dates of all safety inspections undertaken on the carriageway in the two years preceding 14/07/17

03/03/2017; 20/09/2016; 23/03/2016; 10/09/2015

Details of all carriageway defects identified during safety inspections in the two years preceding 14/07/17

Details of carriageways defects can be viewed in the defect reports

Details of how carriageway safety inspections are undertaken, including whether walked or driven, the speed of the inspection vehicle and the number of persons in the vehicle.

All carriageway inspections are driven with a driver, usually an inspector, and one safety inspector undertaking the physical inspection. The speed of the inspection vehicle is approximately 20-25 mph on this particular carriageway.

The intended frequency of carriageway safety inspections.

This carriageway is inspected once every six months with a tolerance of +15 days or at any time before the due date.

Details of all complaints and/or enquiries relating to the carriageway, received in the two years preceding 14/07/17.

Details of all complaints and / or enquiries relation to the carriageway can be viewed in the Customer Search reports

The hierarchy classification.

Maintenance category 6 local distributor carriageway. 

The road/section number.


The defect intervention criteria adopted in relation to the identification of all categories of carriageway potholes

The dimensions for a carriageway pothole are as follows – a vertical edge depression a minimum of 40mm and 300mm in any horizontal direction.

The time period(s) adopted between identification and repair (temporary and permanent) of all categories of carriageway defects.

Since 6 September 2016 defects identified from the safety inspection process undergoes a risk assessment to assign an appropriate response time. This varies from next working day to 28 days dependent on the risk. All reports from the public on this road have a response time of next working day. 

Whether or not Devon County Council has formally adopted all or part of the standards contained within the national code of practice for highways maintenance management.

Devon County Council considered all the recommendations and adopted parts of the old code of practice Well Maintained Highways. The new code of practice Well Managed Highway Infrastructure was introduced in October 2016 with a final implementation date for highway authorities of October 2018.  Devon County Council is currently working through the recommendations.