Road Repairs at Hallsands

“With regard to the road repairs at Hallsands, please provide the following:

a) How much public money was spent on these ‘repairs’?

An invoice for the works has not yet been received from the contractor, so this information is not held.

b) To what standard were the contractors required to work?

The works are to be undertaken in line with the Council’s Carriageway Patching Policy and our Term Maintenance Specification one and Term Maintenance Specification two, which are in line with the National Specification for Highway works.

c) No more than a desultory attempt was made to repair one pothole in the road between the Bickerton junction and the sea. Is this an indication that the County Council has abandoned this section of road?”

The Bickerton to Hallsands road is public highway for which Devon County Council is responsible. The road is subject to a 6 monthly highway safety inspection and any defects which are identified through inspection or reported to us that meet the criteria detailed in the County Council’s Highway Safety Inspection Manual will be made safe.

However, with regard to the section of this road along the seafront, the County Council does not have any plans to reinstate the areas of road which have been eroded.