Road drainage Dunsford Hill

Please could I have a date for the improvements to the road drainage coming off Dunsford Hill and into Cowick Street?

As the terrace of properties include Grade II listed cob cottages as well as the later stone/brick ones, all of which are being damaged each time the road gutter overflows, I will need to start raising the lack of action with Historic England.

Devon County Council can confirm that there is a scheme that is going through the design process for this area.

Once the design is complete it will need to be prioritised for funding alongside other countywide schemes in line with the authorities Asset Management principles and delivered by the new term maintenance contractor, which is Skanska.

Therefore, in response to your question, no programme date has been finalised for the scheme as yet. It is hoped that delivery will be in the 2017/18 financial year however this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on whether higher priority schemes are identified across the county in the meantime.