Risk based verification tools used for Welfare and Social Care

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request information about the use of risk based verification tools by your local authority with regard to welfare and social care.

Specifically, I am asking the following:

Does your local authority operate any risk scoring tools for the purposes of assessing eligibility and levels of entitlement in housing, welfare and/or social care?

Devon County Council is not Housing Authority with responsibility to assess or respond to housing need. This function is carried out by our 8 Housing Authority partners and the County Council does not therefore collect, collate or hold information relating to housing risk or entitlement.  Therefore, information for the below questions is not held.

In relation to the need for Social Care, the County Council assesses risk and eligibility on the basis of individual assessment. The information we hold and process used in relation to the criteria applied to this assessment is published on Devon County Council’s website online-self-assessment

If so can you please provide

The name of the product and the name of the company it is supplied by.

What data you input into these systems and/or share with the developers of these systems for their operation (including, if available, a list of the variables and data fields).

Any reviews and evaluations produced with regard to the impact of these systems (i.e. privacy).

Any assessments relating to the accuracy of these systems.

Details of (or if possible, statistics on) the frequency with which human intervention and review is exercised by local authorities on the outcomes reached by these tools.

Details of (or if possible, statistics on) any instances in which the decisions reached by these tools have been challenged and successfully overturned by members of the public.

Any documents relating to notices members of the public are be given when subject to assessment with these tools.