Residents parking permits – Sidmouth

Can you tell me how many individuals in Sidmouth have contacted the County Council directly with a request for Residents Parking in the last three years? There must be a list of correspondents available, although I appreciate that you cannot provide individual names.


So could you tell me:

1. How many surveys have been issued?

3417 postcards were sent out

2. Which residents have received them, and how were they selected?

Residents in the area bounded by A3052 / A376 (Sidford Road) / Manstone Lane / Alexandria Road / B3176 (Station Road) / The Esplanade / The River Sid.

3. What is the purpose of the survey?

To make an initial assessment on commuter parking and ascertain what the demand is for residents parking in the town. The details and the summary of the responses are in  East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee

4. What is the cost of the survey, including an estimate of officer time?

£2,221.05 on postage

Officer time was 21.5 hours.

5. Did DCC consider the economic impact of the proposal before conducting the survey, and, if so, what was the result?

No, therefore we do not hold this information.