Reported Potholes for Lynbridge Road, Lynton

“Please can you advise how many potholes were reported on your website – for Lynbridge Road, Lynton; just the very short stretch between the junctions of Fountains Cross (Station Hill) and Directions (Lynmouth Hill).

Specifically from 1st July 2019 to date, for each pothole reported to your website, please provide:-

  1. Date reported
  2. Location
  3. Date inspected
  4. Date repaired (if actioned).”

Please find below a link to a spreadsheet containing the above requested information –

Please note:-

  • Not all of the public reports were ‘inspected’ as such, some were assessed from the office and then forwarded to our contractors, Skanska UK, to progress.
  • Some defects are, as of yet, incomplete, these show a defect completion date of 01/01/9999, as this is the date the system self-allocates when an actual completion date isn’t set.
  • In terms of locations, both eastings/northings and latitudes/longitudes of locations are included, however no description of the location is available.