Redundancy – compulsory and voluntary

Please provide the following information for each of the financial year 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and for cases approved for 2016-17:

1) Number of employees made redundant broken down into compulsory and voluntary redundancies.

2) Please also provide total amount of redundancy pay outs for each year and then broken down by a) compulsory and b) discretionary. I would also like the data broken down year on year please.

Year    Compulsory – number of employees  PayoutsVoluntary – number of employees Payouts
2013 -201423£291,79123£468,610
2014- 2015420£3,693,63837£1.619,545
2015- 2016331£3,232,71698£1,349,610
2o16 –201755£518,91448£911,440