Recycling, waste and green initiatives

1. Please could you tell me how much it cost the council in 2019 to sort recycling out that had been put in the wrong bin

Recycling is not the responsibility of Devon County Council so we do not hold this information.  As this is the responsibility of city, unitary and district authorities we would recommend that you contact these authorities for this information.  Contact details can be found on our website at:

2. Please could you tell me how much money the council spends on recycling initiatives, broken down by month and for 2019 if possible?

Devon County Council work on a number of initiatives, such as of Don’t let Devon Go To waste or Recycle Devon together with district authorities.

The funding for this is shared with the district authorities so it is not possible to provide a precise total which this council alone spends on these initiatives.

By way of advice and assistance, we would estimate that in the financial year 2018/19 Devon County Council spent approximately £104,000

3. Please can you tell me how many different recycling bins there are in your area? Broken down by region if these vary
4. Can you give me a list of results of the reviews and assessments of local air quality for 2019?

In response to questions 3 and 4, please refer to our response to question 1.

5. How much money was spent in 2019 on greener transport initiatives?

A full list of transport initiatives can be seen via the link below: