Public Electrical Vehicle Charging

1. What are Devon County Council’s plans regarding central governments initiative to improve the national infrastructure for Electric Vehicle charging?

Devon County Council (DCC) has plans to work in partnership with other public sector organisations in the County to apply for European funding to deploy publicly accessible charging infrastructure on public land, principally town centre and Park and Ride car parks.

2. What provision do you provide already?

Four 7kW charge points for fleet use.

3. Number and type of chargers already deployed.

Four 7kw charge points.

4. Where are they located?

One at County Hall, Exeter; one at Ivybank, North Road, Exeter; and two at Ryefields Depot in Kingsteignton.

5. Are these chargers available to the public?


6. If so are there any access restrictions?

Not applicable, as these are not available to the public.

7. How were these chargers funded?

75% grant via ULEV fund from OLEV, 25% from service budgets

8. If OLEV funded under which scheme and when?

75% grant via ULEV fund from OLEV, 25% from service budgets

9. What are your plans to deploy chargers or increase the number of chargers in public places and when is this scheduled to happen?

Please refer to our response to question (1) above.

10. If you already have deployed charging what percentage of usage if for your vehicles in comparison to public utilisation.


11. If your chargers are in public car parks do you or your car park management partners enforce them and if so what is the penalty for inappropriate use?

Not applicable, as chargers are not in public car parks.

12. Are these bays clearly marked as Charging bays

Not applicable.

13. What are the roadblocks that Devon County Council has encountered in trying to deliver the EV infrastructure?

DCC has only deployed charging infrastructure in tandem with vehicles to displace diesel vehicles from our fleet. To break even over a two year ownership model, each vehicle needs to be travelling at least 8000 miles per year and we need a 75% grant for the charging infrastructure and the vehicles. Hence we were able to proceed with the ULEV grant by targeting some of the higher mileage vehicles in the fleet.

14. Does your Planning department require all new car parking where the public will be the primary visitors, ie retail parks, superstore, leisure facilities etc. to have EV charging provisions?”

As a top tier authority, DCC is not the planning authority for residential or commercial development. This is the responsibility of district and unitary authorities, so we suggest that you re-direct this question to them. In the interests of providing advice and assistance, contact details for district and unitary authorities in Devon are provided here.


If you wish to speak with someone regarding the above request, please contact the Information Governance Team on 01392 383000 – ask for information governance – or email


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