Public Electric Charger Points – Locations and Types

“Please provide the following information in relation to Public Electric Charger Points:

1. Public Charge Point Locations and the type of electric vehicle charger:-
    a. Is it a fast or rapid charger?
    b. What is it’s rated power delivery?

2. Record of all public electric vehicle charging events in 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020.
    a. Including the recorded times the charging event begins and ends using the public charge points.

3. Charging Speeds for each public charging event.

4. The recorded Kwh used for each public charging event.”

Devon County Council (DCC) does not currently have any Public Electric Charger Points, so does not hold the above requested information.

DCC is, however, the lead authority in a European Regional Development Fund supported programme which will see the installation of fast charge points in at least 25 local authority owned car parks across Devon during 2021.